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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Library as learning commons

What do you want your library to look like?

Credit: Peter Mauss/Esto
Our world is changing. Our libraries should reflect that change. We need to accommodate for small and large groups, student and staff presentations, teaching and learning, and comfort in a flexible space. The library should be technology infused with digital media areas and room for socializing and meetings. Resources should reflect inquiry based learning. Tell us what you would like your school library to look like. We are up for big changes.

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literateowl said...

Well...a very exciting but daunting question.There are 2 variables to a vision I see as challenges. 1. getting enough support to build and maintain relatively current technology infrastructure. it's hard to change environments to new media if stations, networks and policy hinder. 2.developing space usage that is so often very small and inflexible to adapt learning experiences. Too many educators still think of a school library as an old metaphor where book stacks and some chairs are all that is needed. We have a large space in a large high school and the demand for flex space and comfort is yet an obstacle. I think some activities of a commons function may need to be moved elsewhere as priorities press usage. Good luck RSS, keep on the pursuit. Consider Kelowna Secondary your friend and ally. Oh and we'd love to host any kids who wish an educational field trip! Maybe a virtual exchange would also be in order? - Al Smith, Sharon Bede, KSS :-)