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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gone Wireless

Let me welcome you back to a new school year. Over the summer, RSS went wireless which is great news for those of you who can bring your own laptops to school. If you aren't sure how to get connected we can help.
Speaking of help, most of you have figured out where to get questions answered and problems solved: the library. I may not know everything but I do know where to look for answers and solutions. The library is open from 8 - 4pm and most days at lunch as well.
Of course I haven't neglected the many avid readers that frequent the library. Over the summer I bought a ton of new graphic novels, several spoken word poetry books/CDs and the latest best sellers and award winners. If there's a title you are dying to read let me know and I will add to the 'wish list'. Hey, the best part of my job is buying the books.
By now you may be a bit more familiar with terms like glogster, google docs, web 2.0 and wikis. The library is the place to come if you would like to learn more about any of the online tools that can help you design new and creative ways to show what you have learned. You'll also find it a lot easier to collaborate with classmates using some of the web 2.0 tools available.
Finally, make sure to welcome all the new students from around the world, including the Ukraine, Thailand, Sweden and Chile.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to plug the Rossland Public Library. Your students have two libraries within an easy walk of each other!

Beverley Rintoul
Assistant Librarian
Rossland Public Library

Seven Summits Librarian said...

Thanks for the plugging another great Rossland resource Beverley. Let's look at some ways we can work together to promote libraries in our community.