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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Interesting insight into the quest for freedom. Sam Brown had the desire to live life to its fullest but his story teaches freedom can not be bought. Watch the video and share your thoughts.


Al Smith said...

Indeed ! his story teaches us all that life is not as easy as it may appear. Watched last night. What a powerful story. Every teen should watch this piece.

RSS Library said...

I agree. The freedom achieved by seeking adventure and adrenaline in the mountains can fuel our desire for more. But money is the antithesis of freedom and once we realize that freedom is a state of mind a new understand is reached.

Al Smith said...

I watched it a second time...thinking I wish I met the kid. What a tragedy. Any young man who can be so creative, physically active and teach himself to fly a helicopter has volumes of spirit and talent.

One sad thing for me was it seemed his world view was limited. The irony to me is that he needed to get out of the Kootenays sooner and see some of the flawed world. He would have realised his talents and fortuitous home were rare jewels and that he could live for good instead of simply making more money. Sadly, I have seen many adventurous souls get lost by partying too hard or driving too fast. The paradox of energetic youth.

ps. did any Rossland staff or grads know Sam?