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Friday, November 21, 2008

K - 12 Education in Rossland

What is the future of our local schools?  On November 13th close to 200 residents attended a meeting to support keeping K - 12 education in Rossland.  The Rossland Telegraph wrote the following editorial:

Rossland is at a crossroads. In uncertain economic times, and with our population dwindling (and our school-age population dwindling more quickly) we need to do everything we can to shore up the pillars of our community if we’re to survive in the long haul. One of those pillars, an essential one, we believe, is Rossland Secondary School.

If our high school students are bussed down to Trail, there’ll be no coming back for Rossland: once the high school component of our school system is gone, it will never return. It’s that simple. And what will that mean to us all?


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Al Smith said...

I could not agree more! I find it hard to believe that Rossland cannot support a high school now when it has for decades. It's all about someone's vision of economies of scale and that doens't apply nciely to many basic human services such as schooling. A local physician, dentist, teacher, and priest have always been as important as blacksmith, or engineer. If it was important when Rossland was developed surely we can afford the same fundamentals in a wealthy western society. I strongly believe that the teens of Rossland( as in other rural areas of BC) deserve a primary option of schooling in their local town. To bus high school students to Trail wouldn't be death but why create another group of alienated and marginalized teens. good luck! My thoughts are with your teens who feel education is important in THEIR town!